Fake Home Sales

Welcome to the Fake Home Sales. This entire site is designed just to show you how Boast can be used on a website. You can see Boast being used for agent testimonials for both buying and selling homes. With this workflow you can see how the product is used to collect Google, Facebook and other social reviews as well.

Feel free to fill out any form on this site and test out leaving a review. Your review will automatically be approved after it is submitted and automatically deleted within 60 minutes after your submission. It’s just for trying out Boast.

Please note that anything you submit is public so please, keep it clean.

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Recently Sold Home Testimonials

Psst – these were collected with Boast

If you are looking for the best agents to sell your property then you’ve found the right place to avoid. This block of text should explain how awesome we are at selling homes but that’s not really what this website is about. This website is designed to show how the Boast testimonial web application can be added to a website to collect and show testimonials.

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